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Personal Stylist

Does your style slow down your ambitions?

Are you stuck in nowhere land with your style?

Do you wish you could be more creative with your looks?

How long does it take you to get dressed in the morning? and for a party/wedding/work dinner

Does your wardrobe accompany you in your new life – lost weight/ divorce/changed jobs/moved city?

My work experience as a stylist, editor and buyer over the years, has led me to create a personalized service that is tailored to your different needs.

Detox your Closet + Shop it

detox your closet

We only wear 30% of what we have, as most shopping is impulsive and not thought out and planned. Then you get home, and nothing goes with anything. It’s half the fun but at the end of the day, you look at your bursting closet and scream “ I’ve not nothing to wear!!” to the amazement of others.

This programme clears your stuff into several compartments, and lets you find treasures in your closet thought to be lost!

Personal Shopping

If you need to update your closet, what you need is a friendly but honest and experienced voice, to find the real you outside all the noise. Personal style is what I’m about, and I’d love to find yours. Every woman has their own experiences to translate into their image.

Personal Styling + Grooming

Very important meeting? Professional photographs? Wedding? Yours or as a guest? Beach, city or countryside, your honeymoon?

This service gets you ready for your big event, from hair, to make up, and your outfits planned and shopped, ( and packed if need be!), every step accompanied by me.


Are you on holiday or new to the country and need to find those genuine articles that only the locals know about? Where you can still handmake certain items? Let’s take a day trip and find the pieces you’re hankering after.

Get in touch with me at isabelcosta@thelifejuice.com for any of the above services and and please state exactly what you have in mind as I quote on an ad hoc basis.
For PR/collaboration enquiries contact: isabelcosta@thelifejuice.com

I charge a fixed fee and do not work on commission with brands, stores, spas, hotels, hairdressers and make up artists, therefore my suggestions come from the heart, with no strings attached. I always do what’s best for my client.