The Life Juice is back

Hi! I’m back!

I’ve missed you, and I’ve not been able to share anything with you, but that was due to the fact we were re-designing the blog. I wanted a fresher look, to be able to post more content, and  also have a simpler way for you to send me your comments. So, because I’m a Type A woman, a perfectionist to the core, (which can be stressing and tiring), everything takes longer so it can be as superb as possible for you. I so hope you like this new format as much as I do! The categories are mostly the same,…

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The Green Goddess

Alexandra Degryse This busy mom of three teenage boys is the perfect woman to turn to if you want to clean out/detox/clean-up or simply change your way of life. A certified health coach, Alexandra will help you find your balance to maximise energy, reduce stress and build a stronger immune system, and probably shed unwanted kilos due to bad habits. Name Alexandra Degryse Provenance Brussels – Belgium Background I have studied naturopathy and nutrition in Belgium and I am a certified Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition- IIN – in New York. But in reality I never stopped…

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The Latin Swede

Ellen, the very stylish woman in Odd Molly. She looks super Swedish but definitely doesn’t feel or define herself as Swedish. Having been in and out of Portugal since she was two years old, (her father worked in Portugal), Ellen Hansen always knew that when she was old enough she would leave Sweden and probably move to Portugal. She studied to be a high school teacher in her home country but ended up coming back, and later tried living in LA for a year, and whilst loving Santa Monica, Malibu, and Topanga, all very similar to Lisbon, the saudades were stronger!…

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