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Honeymoon in Vietnam by The Life Juice

My 10 Must Do’s in Vietnam

This is a tiny, little guide to what we loved best on our honeymoon, with two teenagers trailing, (yes, we were that brave!) in this magnificent country Vietnam. There’s so much more, I just hope to go back soon!  1. take a bike / vespa tour In Hanoi, definitely take a bike/ vespa tour. You each get an individual driver, and sit piggyback all through the ride, and what a ride! Hanoi is full of bikes, thousands of crazy drivers, and it was such fun weaving through the traffic like a local. I’m not crazy about motorbikes, and I loved…

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Apricot bars glowchef

Yummy Healthy Apricot Bars

    Just for for you, a healthy snack created by my friend Silvia, alias, the Glowchef, whom I interviewed here earlier in the blog. They’re easy to make, no fuss, no muss and NO cooking! Take them wherever you go so that you don’t munch on rubbish snacks. This time in Portuguese and in English. Barrinhas de Alperce e Amêndoa Um ótimo snack cheio de sabor, de fibra e antioxidantes. Ingredientes para uma forma quadrada de 20 * 20 cm Raspa de meio limão biológico (não encerado) 220 grs de alperces secos biológicos 220 grs de amêndoa pelada 1 colher…

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