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Rixo London

5 Unmissable Fashion Brands

Hey all you Lifejuicers, getting the most out of life, get an inside look at these brands. They’re not on everybody’s radar just yet, but they will be soon, just like the little handbag curated post that I published a while ago, and now these bags are everywhere! No, I’m not a wizard but I’ve got a feeling for these things and I like to share my “secrets” with you! RIXO LONDON Have a look here at this new brand that rocks the 70’s like no one else! The dresses are so diva style, I love the cuts, sensual but…

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Fur on the beach?

Poolside slides from Ugg This off-white slide, that looks like a mop,or a pom-pom, depends on your outlook, is my favorite one. Whether black, blue or white, it has a cool factor. xxx Isabel Fun pool slides for the summer, carrying on the “fur” trend  into the sun. Like or dislike?

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Paula Moldes, the serene ruler.

She is cool, calm and collected, absolutely nothing seems to flap her. Even when there is a flood in the warehouse, and lovely Valentino gowns could be damaged, this Lady keeps it all under control. Her (genuine) smile is always in place, and this makes her special. Paula Moldes, the Store Director at STIVALI ( for those of you who live under a rock, a fantastically curated multi-brand store in Lisbon) shares her past and her present with me.  How did you start out in fashion? By mere chance, as I actually have a degree in Physical Education, so I should…

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