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Come and say Hi!

Summer is finally here, although in Lisbon it’s been more of a late Spring… so it’s that perfect weather for your new set of PJ’s!! Come and see me, and a whole bunch of other really cool brands, on Saturday, at the Cabinet of Curiosities, have a drink and listen to some music! Just take a stroll around this fabulous store, filled with beautiful and curious objects and come by for a chat or to see the new stuff! Love to see you, xxx Isabel p.s. We’ll be there Sunday too!!! ( minus the booze…)  

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Karl Lagerfeld + The Life Juice

Why don’t you…

BUY I’m crazy about vintage and have been since a teenager, and love to wear my pieces often and mixed up with my other stuff. Here are a pair of sneakers that deserve to be back in my closet…Reebok Club C Vintage that will go with everything and make it modern again. READ   With the death of Karl Lagerfeld why not catch up on the career of this incredibly talented superman? I’m so privileged to have been to several of his mesmerizingly fast ( the speed at which the models exited was head turning!) shows, to have gawked at…

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