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Come and say Hi!

Summer is finally here, although in Lisbon it’s been more of a late Spring… so it’s that perfect weather for your new set of PJ’s!! Come and see me, and a whole bunch of other really cool brands, on Saturday, at the Cabinet of Curiosities, have a drink and listen to some music! Just take a stroll around this fabulous store, filled with beautiful and curious objects and come by for a chat or to see the new stuff! Love to see you, xxx Isabel p.s. We’ll be there Sunday too!!! ( minus the booze…)  

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3 Perfect Spring Looks.

First day of Spring season, and even though here in Lisbon it’s been great and sunny for a while, and feeling warm and beachy, I’ve been also prepping for allergy season! Yes, it hits me quite heavily so to speak, but this year I’m prepared. So for warm days and cold nights, these are my absolute favorites right now! Check your wardrobe for similar pieces and create your own look.   Class by Isabelcosta Weekend vibes by Isabelcosta DAY to NIGHT by Isabelcosta Get in a Spring thing, xxx Isabel

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Karl Lagerfeld + The Life Juice

Why don’t you…

BUY I’m crazy about vintage and have been since a teenager, and love to wear my pieces often and mixed up with my other stuff. Here are a pair of sneakers that deserve to be back in my closet…Reebok Club C Vintage that will go with everything and make it modern again. READ   With the death of Karl Lagerfeld why not catch up on the career of this incredibly talented superman? I’m so privileged to have been to several of his mesmerizingly fast ( the speed at which the models exited was head turning!) shows, to have gawked at…

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Dr. Style 101

Do you find yourself attracted to sparkly stuff and then get scared of the commitment? Don’t, it might be the most long lasting relationship in your closet. Seriously, invest in a good piece and you’ll wear it for the longest time. Here are 3 suggestions to make it work for you! Start with a Star item – Silver sequined skirt Paul Ka @Stivali Add a daily dose of fun… Christmas Eve   Or a nightly shot…   Hope I’ve convinced you to try something new, Isabel xxx    

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Rixo London

5 Unmissable Fashion Brands

Hey all you Lifejuicers, getting the most out of life, get an inside look at these brands. They’re not on everybody’s radar just yet, but they will be soon, just like the little handbag curated post that I published a while ago, and now these bags are everywhere! No, I’m not a wizard but I’ve got a feeling for these things and I like to share my “secrets” with you! RIXO LONDON Have a look here at this new brand that rocks the 70’s like no one else! The dresses are so diva style, I love the cuts, sensual but…

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Fur on the beach?

Poolside slides from Ugg This off-white slide, that looks like a mop,or a pom-pom, depends on your outlook, is my favorite one. Whether black, blue or white, it has a cool factor. xxx Isabel Fun pool slides for the summer, carrying on the “fur” trend  into the sun. Like or dislike?

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Vintage in Lisbon

The Twice Loved Store

She’s engaging, charming, and charismatic. When I sit down for a chat, it can go on for a lot longer as she has lots of stories to tell. We found lots of common interests such as vintage,travelling and the love of excellence and handiwork in everything that surrounds us. Monique Geallad is the owner of a jewel box of a store, Du Chic à Vendre, that sells great vintage pieces and also newer selected items that have already had an owner and are looking for the next loving one. It is recent venture for this French-raised Lebanese that has lived in Portugal…

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