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Dr. Style 101

Do you find yourself attracted to sparkly stuff and then get scared of the commitment? Don’t, it might be the most long lasting relationship in your closet. Seriously, invest in a good piece and you’ll wear it for the longest time. Here are 3 suggestions to make it work for you! Start with a Star item – Silver sequined skirt Paul Ka @Stivali Add a daily dose of fun… Christmas Eve   Or a nightly shot…   Hope I’ve convinced you to try something new, Isabel xxx    

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My Winter Style Essentials

    This is also that time of the year that you start to try to figure out that a new season is on the cards, and hell, what are the trends!?  You don’t? Good for you, skip the text and go right to the end and claim your 200 bucks! Even though I try to stay away from what’s in and what’s hot, it just feels like all my fashion essentials are always in fashion! Please don’t think I’m full of myself, I’m just old enough to have ridden round the merry-go-round a couple of times and a lot…

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