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Reebok + The Life Juice

Reebok + The Life Juice
The perfect slightly off- white sneaker, get them here
I’m crazy about vintage and have been since a teenager, and love to wear my pieces often and mixed up with my other stuff. Here are a pair of sneakers that deserve to be back in my closet…Reebok Club C Vintage that will go with everything and make it modern again.


Karl Lagerfeld + The Life Juice
A comprehensive and captivating overview of Karl Lagerfeld’s Chanel creations, featuring more than 150 collections presented through original catwalk photography from Amazon.


Karl Lagerfeld + The Life Juice
The cat that inherited the estate…

With the death of Karl Lagerfeld why not catch up on the career of this incredibly talented superman? I’m so privileged to have been to several of his mesmerizingly fast ( the speed at which the models exited was head turning!) shows, to have gawked at the super models, Linda, Naomi, Christy and Claudia et al  strutting Chanel with mega confidence… Here are several books that account his great talent, extraordinary creativity and longevity in fashion, photography, art  and even for dieting and sticking to it as he had to fit into Dior Homme’s collection!!



Take charge of your health…

I’m so curious about health and wellness as I think the right individual approach can make drastic improvements in your wellbeing. Our good health as we age, ( it’s never too early to start) is the most important thing, for me at least. I not only want to age gracefully but also with energy and strength and wholeness. This documentary is unmissable as it explains how the body can regenerate itself and get well again after traumatic illnesses. These stories I hope will inspire you as much as they did me!


Chanel + The Life Juice
Classic and timeless.
These beautiful Chanel twice loved ballet shoes from Du Chic à Vendre .

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