Why You Will Marry the Wrong Person and other stuff…

Yes, what a shocker! Having gotten married earlier this year, I thought I’d better watch this very closely and take notes!

Meet Alain de Botton, philosopher and author, who wrote one of my favourite books, The Course of Love.

A book that speaks and translates the modern language of love, the misunderstandings, expectations and its everyday challenges. He founded The School of Life which is based in London, and has bases all over the world, and proposes an emotional education concentrating particularly on the issues of Work and Relationships.

So Alain is in a good position to tell us more about this depressing but seemingly true statement! Watch the video and tell me if it resonates with you and your life, it really helped me identify a few areas on which I need to work on.

Emotional intelligence is a still a skill so underrated, that whilst our kids are getting prizes for fantastic maths or science marks, their emotional health is often overlooked unless it takes on literally epic proportions and then it’s a long road back home. As adults it’s our responsibility to grow emotionally, positively, (there are those that mature negatively!), everyday, even if it’s baby steps in the right direction.

Sometimes I feel that I take a giant leap backwards but hell, the next day is a new opportunity for renewed self-improvement.

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