Wishing YOU Peace & Love in 2019

Peace + The Life Juice

Hope your holidays were fabulous, full of love and harmony, especially during a time when we are sometimes forced to be in social and/or family situations that are difficult! Mine were as expected, but lovely, seeing that they were sandwiched between two bouts of ill health which really brought me down. Nothing serious, but I was listless, tired, my head congested, it was a difficult period and I stopped posting…

So today at least I can wish you a fabulous 2019! Full of health and energy, the good full-of-light-kind, more people that root for you, that make you feel calm and content.Be surrounded by those that are happy when you are successful and encourage you, whether it’s professionally, or those km’s you managed to run, the kg’s you lost or put on, your engagement, just as long as the negativity is out of your personal space. Exercise, eat well, nutritional and guilt free, make your own meals whenever you can but above all, be CONSCIOUS, of your thoughts, words, actions and CHOICES. Our choices define us, whether it’s eating that dessert, or saying hello with a smile, or not, saying thanks and meaning it, they make each hour, every day, and every week count hopefully to a better quality of LIFE.

Love to you all,




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